Glass bottle with bamboo cap

349,00 Kč

Designer, ecological, glass Harmonelo water bottle with bamboo cap and silicone loop for hanging.

The volume of the 600ml bottle will serve you well as a source of regular hydration throughout the day. The bamboo screw cap ensures that not a single drop will leak. Glass is a perfect material that does not absorb any colors, tastes or smells of the chosen drink, thus preserving its color, taste and aroma. The glass bottle does not scratch and is easy to wash. The simple design of the Harmonelo bottle with the inscription "We harmonize the world" will impress you and your surroundings. The bottle itself is light, recyclable and BPA-free. Think of our planet and say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and cups. Fill your Harmonelo bottle several times throughout the day and always have your water source close at hand.

Tip for you: In summer, we recommend adding herbs (mint, lavender, lemon balm) or fruit (lemon, oranges, raspberries, etc.) to the water. In the winter months, we recommend adding herbal teas to your drinking regime.

Volume: 600ml
Size: 6.0 x 22.5 cm.

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